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Give yourself an edge over the competition!

stand-outAs “they” say you should make looking for a job your full time job.  So, you have checked out all of the job lists, emailed old colleagues to remind them that you are STILL AVAIL and emailed your resume to all of the jobs in cyberspace.  So what else can you do to stand out and give yourself an edge over the competition?  Our advice is to get as many reference letters from past employers/ colleagues as you can.

For some reason, people tend to shy away from asking for reference letters.  I remember when I was an Assistant at CAA my father told me not to leave my job until I had a reference letter from my boss in my hands.  I laughed at it him and rolled my eyes thinking he was SO old school.  Who does that?  Well, cut to 8 years later and now I am the one giving this advice to our candidates.  Talk about full circleUnited States!

Here’s a great way to persuade someone to take a few minutes out of their very busy day to write a letter on your behalf.  Remind them that  it will take much longer speaking to each and every  potential future employer on the phone for years and years to come.   Just have them (or in most cases, their current Assistant) write a beautiful letter about how wonderful you were and hit the copy machines!

Each and every time you send your resume out, you should also include these reference letters.  It will make your submission a lot stronger and  your future employer will thank you for being so thoughtful and doing the leg work for them.

So while you have some time to kill right now, why not add this to your list of job seeking duties and start reaching out.  You will be pretty hard pressed to find someone who will say no to you! banzai water slides  I mean really, how could anyone say no to you??

Hollywood’s best gift buying experts!

the-gift-expertsWhether your boss tells you he needs a gift basket to send out to his #1 client or he puts you in charge of all the holiday gifts this year, consult Someone Spoil Me – a new corporate gift buying service from two experts in the field, Alexis Stein & Lisa Friedman. No gift request is too big or too small for these experts!  Specializing in fulfilling the gifting needs of  Hollywood agencies, studios, celebrities, financial corporations, law firms, gemmy blown inflatable professional offices and industry professionals, Someone Spoil Me brings a fresh, hip spin to your traditional gifting needs. To learn more, visit their website:

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Informational meetings are priceless!


It is a frustrating time out there at the moment.  Lay offs, down sizing and lots of uncertainty.  No wonder you just want to get a job no matter what it is.  You want to feel safe, have stability and most importantly you want the pay check.  We get it for sure!

That being said though, there are countless people out there that seem open to ANY job without really thinking about their goals and where they want their career to go.  So what do you do in these uncertain times?

If you have a goal in mind for where you want your career to go, continue to keep your eye on the prize!  Take this time to see if there are people who will “meet” with you, even if there are no openings right now, as you never know what will come down the pike.  Things seems to be picking up so if a job comes up next week, you will be fresh on their radar.  

Informational meetings are priceless.

And please, try to remember that being open is GREAT but also be sure that whatever you take will help you in some way, get to the next step for yourself.

From Campus to Career!


 Perfecting your resume, resource strategy, interview etiquette and beyond…. 

The Grapevine Agency is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know to take you from the campus to landing your first job! 

In 2009 we are seeing one of the most competitive and complicated job markets for the entertainment sector and beyond.  With so many experienced workers currently unemployed, it has become more critical than ever for entrants in the workplace to be able to present one self in the best possible manner to compete. 

With over 7 years of experience in recruiting and staffing for corporations, large and small, within the  entertainment industry, as well as “best in breed” marketing, media and finance companies, the partners at The Grapevine Agency know all of the “tricks of the trade” and the key, essential tools, that will last a lifetime in leading to success in obtaining new jobs. 

After meeting countless young candidates emerging into the work force from colleges and universities, it is evident to us that few understand essential elements needed to move forward into the professional world with success.  The “Campus to Career” model presents candidates with the tools needed to write an effective resume, the etiquette of meeting and interviewing as well as how to negotiate and accept an offer.  Further, with our  expertise in varied industries we are able to share our knowledge of the culture as well as present expectations of potential new employers. 

With a focus both on College students, looking to transition into the workplace, as well as those currently employed looking to make a change, our “Campus to Career” can assist you in your preparation for the first steps of your new career!  

We will personally coach you in your job search skill development as well as strategic advice on securing  internships, perfecting your resume and cover letter, in order to enhance your possibility of job placement.  Our service is uniquely suited to each individual where we will work on candidate’s branding and marketing, business correspondence skills and interview training. 

Areas of focus include: 

Targeting job and career opportunities 

Landing internships 

Networking and obtaining informational interviews 

Creating job targeted resumes and cover letters 

Importance of branding and marketing 

Meeting and interview etiquette and protocol 

Negotiation and acceptance of a job offer 

Hello world!

Welcome to The Grapevine Blog!  Over the last few months we have been getting so many requests from our Grapevine fans to start a blog.  People tell us that they need a forum to discuss hot topics regarding the job market. We get so many questions from you all ranging from how to go about finding a job in this crazy economy to how to retain your household staff.  Well ask, and you shall receive!  We have decided to write this blog to answer your questions as well as give you guys the great tips, helpful information and resources that you have been asking for.  

*Feel free to post questions here as well and we will make it our mission to answer as quickly as possible!