Housekeeper/Cook needed in SM

• MT/ThF (off Wednesdays) 9:30-6pm (preferred schedule; possibly open to 5 days)
• Home in Santa Monica (close enough to tolerate Westside traffic!)
• Full charge housekeeper/cooking experience a plus!
6K square foot home + some dog walking.
If interested, please send resume with SM HSK/COOK in subject line!

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Housekeeper needed in Santa Monica!

Looking for a Housekeeper to work in SM home M-Thurs 9:30-6:30 for $20/hour on the books.  Must be an excellent cleaner and have experience being the only housekeeper in a large home.  Casual home but owner is an interior decorator so must have an eye for details and be meticulous.  Might help prepping to cook, errands, irony clothing, laundry, keep household tidy and walk dogs.