Part-time Personal Assistant, Century City- FILLED

Part time Personal Assistant, Century City
Will guarantee 25 hours a week and for the most part can be flexible on when these are hours are needed.
$25 an hour plus gas reimbursement
Successful woman returning back to Los Angeles in a condo in Century City seeks a part time Personal Assistant to assist with a variety of dutiesL scheduling/management of invitations, dealing with contractor and construction, errands, management of some paperwork as related to insurance, assist with dinner parties etc.
She is completely flexible to work with someone’s schedule as long as they can also be available at ties when she actually needs someone to be there for a certain drop off or pick etc.
MUST have had some experience as a personal or admin assistant previously.
This is a LONG term part time role.
Must be polished and savvy, detailed, organized and a true problem solver.

Executive Assistant to CEO of Health based APP, West LA

Executive Assistant to CEO- Health based app, West LA
Hours: Generally 8:30am – 6:30pm but must be flex at all times
Salary: Up to 100K depending on experience and salary history. Believe there are benefits.
The dynamic and amazingly talented CEO who created a health based APP– specializing in mind based health seeks an experienced EA/PA. This role requires someone who has specifically worked for a celebrity or a C level executive and truly understand how to take care of someone in all area of needs. Must be the calm in the midst of chaos. When things get hectic just work your proem solving skills into results. Will be interfacing with a team at the office, will manage a very heavy schedule.

Live in Weekend Nanny, Brentwood

Spanish Speaking LIVE IN weekend Nanny needed- Brentwood
LIVE IN HOURS: Friday afternoon at 3pm through Monday morning 9am
We are looking for a fun and engaging and highly organized SPANISH speaking Nanny for 2 kids (8 and 11) in Brentwood. The goal would be to keep them entertained and off their iPads. You will be responsible for making sure the kids are ready for the day and week ahead from homework to play dates and find time to tidy. Nanny must speak Spanish all the time to the children unless not safe to do so. They should be tech savvy and know how to use navigation in cars, iPads etc. Must have a perfect driving record as you will drive kids to school and activities etc. Ideal candidate has worked in a high profile home as a Nanny for at least 3 years and have excellent references. Any coaching/tutoring/teaching Spanish is a bonus. There will be some travel but typically no more than 2 weeks at a time during the school year. Over the summer you will be living with them in their Hampton’s house for up to 2 months. Car and accommodations will be provided. There will be a housekeeper in the home but it is the Nanny’s responsibility to clean up after the kids in the house and garden as well as open up the kids rooms, tidy all toys, books, closets, drawers, make the beds, change bedding if needed (housekeepers wash) and turn down their beds. The housekeepers will do the deep cleaning in bedrooms and bathrooms. Bathing is typically done by the parents but you may be asked to supervise if parents are not home. Must be able to cook simple healthy meals for the kids that meet their not so simple dietary requirements. You will then wash up and clear away kid’s plates etc. You will make sure the kids eat at the appropriate times.
We require that Spanish is your native language for this role.

Estate Manager for High Profile Client, Brentwood

Estate Manager for High Profile Client

Working hours 9am – 6:30pm Monday – Friday while in Los Angeles with some flexibility while traveling.
Salary depending on experience and salary history plus benefits
Seeking an outstanding and top notch Estate Manager for multiple estates for a family currently living in Los Angeles. The position reports directly to the lady of the house and this person will oversee the operation across all locations currently New York, The Hamptons, Los Angeles and Montecito. The homes employ a full staff who will report to the estates manager relating to all day to day matters. The ideal candidate will be Immaculately presented charismatic and a polished individual. Will oversee the running of the households including recruiting of staff, managing finances, traveling with the family while at their other homes (with potential to travel for up to six months a year) and acting as an advance party to ensure the homes are set up correctly. The ideal candidate will be able to travel without restriction, five years experience running a similar large scale household operation and be able to lead, motivate and manage a diverse staff. The role will also include a yearly summer trip to The Hamptons estate for June and July which will require an increase hours weekly schedule. Ideal person will have have experience gained in a fine hotel or restaurant and have a broad knowledge of housekeeping standards along with household items and their care. Office and technology skills are also essential.
Job Role & Responsibilities
Look after the family and their day to day needs
Request purchasing needs instantly for any properties to maintained standards and maintenance.
Driving family and guests when required.
Ensuring the house is in perfect working order.
Liaising with on site contractors/service engineers ensuring they have access and are supervised.
Ordering flowers for the home the for the family is in residence.
All fire places prepared for use at times including yearly chimney service.
Ordering and maintaining stock of all household items required for the house – food, stationary, beauty products, medicine, toiletries etc.
Maintaining an extensive organic food stock that is sensitive to dietary needs.
Maintaining inventories of glass, china, cutlery etc.
Organization lady of the house’s wardrobe in each home ensuring folding standards are maintained.
Extensive knowledge of garment care overseeing clothes storage archives in New York, London and Los Angeles.
Daily walk through of the house to check level of Housekeeping to ensure highest levels of cleanliness all areas should be dust free, cobweb free, and looking beautiful (supervising polishing, vacuuming, etc)
Assisting housekeepers with high and heavy cleaning.
Any items requiring repair any leaks, stains, cracks should be checked for and brought up for discussion asap.
Ensure all exterior porch and patio are swept daily.
Checking light bulbs once a week.
To have a working knowledge of the hot water and heating services.
Ensuring the recycling program is being carried out.
Possess a working knowledge of all technical aspects of an ultra high-end home.
Overseeing all swimming pool needs.
Coordinating gardeners, organic vegetable garden and orchard care to ensure all gardens are maintained to the highest standard.
Taking dog for a walk and to vets appointments when needed.
Care of large wine collection in multiple locations keeping up to date inventory and wine lists.
Inventory, organization and logistics of multiple furniture storage facilities.
To have a working knowledge of Mac, iPhone, blackberry, apple, TV, cable, DVD player etc. home audio systems and Dolby Cinema system.
Responding swiftly to emails.
Daily dealings with family accountants and Lawyers.
Ensuring prompt payment of invoices once approval to pay has been received.
Opening relevant mail and actioning.
Keeping the house running to budget.
Responsible for all human resources requirements for all staff including induction, training, confidentiality agreements, contracts etc.
Responsible for overseeing two nannies to ensure that all child care responsibilities are being met
Maintaining the holiday and sickness calendar for staff.
The ability to manage and oversee staff remotely.
Controlling valuable assets and ensuring they are adequately insured i.e. art, jewelry, home contents should be organised.
The organisation of all aspects of parties and dinner service.
Proficient cookery and food preparation skills to assist the lady of the house

Experienced Driver – (FILLED)

Experienced Driver Needed for Prominent Couple, Beverly Hills
The days can vary: typically 6 days (but not all full days – will have occasional full weekends off)
Hours: Times will vary but there are NO late nights
$80-$95k salary plus discretionary holiday bonus plus full benefits
Will be mostly driving Mrs to and from office, appointments and some lunches or dinners.
There are 2 cars- both Lexus.
Seeking an experienced driver who has worked with high profile families.
MUST be positive and upbeat with GREAT attention to detail. High energy is good.
Will always be polished and will ensure cars are always looking nice and maintained.

Weekend Nanny- BH and Bel Air

Weekend Nanny BH and Bel Air
Hourly: $25 to $30 on the books, based on experience and salary history
Saturday and Sunday, guarantee of 21 hours
General hours are Saturday 9am – 9pm, Sunday 9am – 7pm
IF they go out later on a Saturday, you will come in later.
We are seeking a wonderful and motivated, camp counselor type of nanny for 3 lovely kids, twin
girl and boy who are 12, and a 14 year old girl.
Mom lives in BH and dad is in Bel Air. Will switch off weekends as needed.
Both are terrific and very nice.
We are seeking someone who is fun, organized and knows how to keep the kids engaged and off their phones/ipads etc. Will, with parents permission come up with fun ideas for either movies or outings.
Will assist with meal needs (basic). The weekend consists of assisting with with driving (use your now car but will be reimbursed for gas) to activities, parties, assisting with gift purchases, maybe taking girls to get their hair done or nails done. Playing sports with them etc.
Very nice and fair family.

2nd Assistant for CEO of Music Management Co, Hollywood

2nd Assistant to the Head of Music Management Co
Hollywood, Ca
Hours: general hours are 8:30 to 6:30 with lots of flex ability as needed
Salary: 45K based on experience and salary history
A dynamic and busy Head of a music management company seeks a strong, very capable 2nd assistant work along side a first EA. Will assist with all admin needs as well as a bunch of personal needs.
General duties: calls, meetings, travel, cars, expense reports, research, etc.
Will be exceedingly detailed and have a greta can do attitude.

Executive Assistant to President of Music Management Co, Hollywood

Executive Assistant to the President of Music Management Co
Hollywood, Ca
Hours: general hours are 8:30 to 6:30 with lots of flex ability as needed
Salary: 45K -55K based on experience and salary history
A dynamic and busy President of a music management company seeks a strong, very capable EA.
Client is looking for someone who is a true right hand person and enjoys being an assistant. General duties: calls, meetings, travel, cars, expense reports, research, some personal stuff. The ideal person will be highly motivated, supremely detailed and just inherently understands what it means to allow someone to focus on their work and clients and make there lives easier.

Office Manager NYC Law Firm

Hours: 9 to 6
Daily management of law firm facilities
Maintaining and ordering supplies
Train and manage EA’s
Coordinating maintenance and service on all office equipment
Working with vendors Coordinating front desk coverage
Some EA work
Organizing travel
Special projects
Overseeing paralegals

Salary is about $120k, plus bonus
No overtime
Must be available 24/7 if needed