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16 Mar 2012
Financial Company’s CEO based in Chicago area seeking a highly experienced executive assistant ASAP. Ideal candidate has 5-10 years of experience assisting C-level finance executive, great computer skills, is professional, flexible, easygoing, personable, but can easily draw the line between employer/employee relationship. Long-term references a plus, and must be looking for a VERY long-term commitment.
Duties include managing incredibly busy calendar, including frequent domestic and international travel, scheduling appointments, email correspondence, phone support, etc. Duties vary day-to-day, and EA should be a self-starter who can multi-task and adapt easily.

Schedule is 45-50/hours per week, but on-call 24/7. Applicants MUST have a minimum of 7 years of experience as an executive assistant in the finance industry to apply, be currently based in the Chicago area or able to relocate ASAP, and be able to start within 2-4 weeks. Salary is OPEN! Top benefits package including insurance, 401K, etc. Great company and employer to work for–amazing opportunity!


If interested, email both Lori@thegrapevinela.com and Rachel@thegrapevinela.com

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