House Manager/Family Assistant- FILLED

Salary 85K-100K + HB

Looking for a bright, seasoned and very detailed HM/PA to help run a busy home in the Palisades with 2 kids.  Ideal candidate is coming from a similar household and does it all without an ego. This is a hands on job where no job is too b ig or small.  We need someone to oversee and handle all logistics for this family where there are many balls in the air.  Duties include; overseeing and hiring Nanny/HSK, meeting with and negotiating with venders (must come with a rolodex), planning all travel arrangements for the family, managing family calendar, paperwork for the kids, activities for kids and basically acting as air traffic control!  This is a 10K square foot home that needs someone to make sure all the details are handled and it’s running perfectly and all household goals are met.  Must be able to think ahead and work with the small staff to get everything done.  Party planning, creating systems for the home, overseeing budgets and putting out fires.  We need someone who can work full time hours with flex when needed for an event or vender meeting.  Great attitude and good energy!

Camp Counselor Family Assistant/ Nanny- Westwood

$25/hour net

We are looking for a family assistant/nanny to work with us M-F from 2:30pm – 7:30pm. We will sometimes need additional hours on weekdays and occasional help on weekends. My husband and I both work full time and travel so we have a busy schedule. We have two children, a girl age 12 and a boy age 7. We live in a home in Westwood. Our ideal candidate will have experience working for a family as a nanny/personal assistant as well as an excellent driving record. Duties will include: picking up our son from his school and our daughter from her bus stop, both located 5 minutes from our home. They would then help the kids with everything they need after school: snacks, homework and taking them to various activities and tutors. They would also prep/cook dinner and prep lunch boxes/school bags for the following morning with light cleanup before they leave (we have a housekeeper 3 days a week for cleaning). Other job duties include shopping for weekly market lists, some other errands and help with scheduling the children’s activities/tutors. Our current nanny is with us until mid-September but we would like to have someone start as soon as possible to have time to train with her.

Family Assistant needed- FILLED

55K yearly BASE + paid OT = approx 75K yearly + benefits!

We are looking for someone very nurturing and mature assistant who can handle taking care of nanny, dogs, house, family world. Someone with strong touring and house managing experience would be ideal.

Family Assistant job description:

Communication with team:

-Executive Assistant -Team advisor -Housekeeper


-Interview and introduce to family
-Facilitate contracts
-Coordinate schedules
-Collect & distribute time sheets & submit to business mgt.
-Manage vacation time, personal requests and submit to business mgt. -Ensure daily lunch breaks for staff, Order and pick up requested items needed for kids

-Make sure Nanny is aware of all products purchased for the children (toys, diapers, products) -Reimburse nannies for any petty cash expenses


-Create grocery list
-Check in with nannies and team to see if there are any additional daily needs -Daily grocery run
-Smoothie run
-Manage kid’s milk supply

Property management:

-Ensure that house is well maintained & schedule any repairs needed i.e. pest control, window cleaning etc
- Confirm gardeners, Oversee any service / repair people at the house

-Keep cashbox filled, organized & submit all receipts – Order water delivery & delay if needed
-Make sure garage is well maintained and organized
-Keep gym organized and stock clean towels

-Keep pool area tidy
-Keep grill clean
-Breakdown boxes and ensure trash area is neat -Set up massages
-Ensure doorbell is charged, connected & working -Let guests in


-Communicate with team for all travel details / itineraries
-Pick up appropriate amount of suitcases from storage for travel
-Travel to airport in cargo van w/ luggage for early baggage check with greeter
-Retrieve all luggage from baggage claim and travel from airport in cargo van w/ luggage -Help pack & unpack if needed
-Responsible for luggage inventory; photos of all bags including carry-ons
-Request and distribute per diems
-Create packing inventory for all suitcases
-Pack coffee supplies, vitamix, water kettle, steamer
-Purchase any travel items needed
-Pre shop grocery items for the road
-Grocery shop as needed on the road
-Plan ahead for children’s activities on the road


-Weekly car wash for all cars
-Take cars in for all service appointments
-Ensure that all registration / stickers are up to date

Children’s Education:

-Create monthly reports and loop in Nannies on all education updates


-Weekly runs to storage
-Work with organizer to create inventory of all items


-Weekly communication with dog walker. Schedule and drive dogs to vet visits
-Purchase dog food, treats and any medications *including flea / tick
-Make sure water bowls are always fresh and filled


-Keep daily reports of all activity

Face to Face:

-Daily check in w/ teams to review reports & ensure Nanny knows of all products purchased for children -Daily check in w/ team to go over reports
-Daily check in w/ nannies to make sure all is well

Payment for off-duty travel hours at 50% of hourly rate

Paid Holidays – New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

1 additional floating holiday to use at the employee’s discretion

3 sick days

5 days of vacation after 6 months of employment


Pay is based on experience!

Hours 9:30am-6:30pm; needs to be responsive via phone after hours
Dates approx Oct 15 – Feb 15
Tasks may include: Answering house phone, emails, incoming and outgoing mail, being point of contact for all outside vendors, contractors, guests, overseeing house staff, managing runners / interns, filing, labeling, organizing, coordinating house projects, troubleshooting, constant inspection of home to ensure all is running smoothly, tech savvy, resourceful, great communicator.
Must have great references!!

Manny needed for Actress going on set!

Looking for a Manny with NEWBORN experience to travel on set with an actress and her 4 month old son!  Must have current experience and references.  Looking for someone who is comfortable with babies and is flexible with schedule!


Salary based on experience!

High End Full Time Housekeeper needed- Beverly Hills

Looking for a few very high end ENGLISH speaking Housekeepers for a home in Beverly Hills.

Schedule: M-FR, 8.00-4.30 (2 housekeepers)

TUE-SAT, 8.00-4.30 (1 housekeeper)

Ideally we need someone excellent with Laundry, Ironing and handling delicate clothing.

Must speak perfect english and come with excellent current references!


$30-$35/hour on payroll. No benefits.  5 personal days.

Manny needed in Beverly Hills- FILLED

Great/Busy family in BH needs a wonderful and energetic Manny to drive and be active with 2 boys (ages 5 and 8).  They also have a new baby but has a separate nanny for him.  Ideal candidate comes with years of experience working with a family, is open to driving, has a perfect driving record and is open to do household PA errands etc for this busy and lovely family!


Open to Part time or Full time depending on duties.

Weekend Housekeeper/Nanny needed in Beverly Park Estate!

Weekend Housekeeper/Nanny needed.

HOURS 9-5 but available to stay and babysit if needed.  Good with kids, dogs light cooking, light cleaning- making beds, doing laundry, dishes, take out garbage, run errands if needed.  Clean driving record and trustworthy to drive children.  Available to travel on the weekends to our other homes.


Send resume in Word with salary req!

Housekeeper needed in Beverly Park Estate!

A very large estate in Beverly Park is looking for a HSK!  We are looking at top notch, experience with a positive energy and great teamwork mentality!  Our goal is to maintain a very peaceful “normal” home environment for the kids.  We want candidates that show longevity in their roles and have excellent references!

Housekeeper 7:30-3:30 Detailed cleaning, experience with fine furniture, art, table setting, napkin folding, linen care and experience serving meals.  Upbeat but discreet, nice with kids and dogs and Available to travel up to 3 weeks at a time to our other homes.


Send resume with salary request!

Nanny/Housekeeper needed in Beverly Park!

A very large estate in Beverly Park is looking for a Nanny/HSK!  We are looking at top notch, experience with a positive energy and great teamwork mentality!  Our goal is to maintain a very peaceful “normal” home environment for the kids.  We want candidates that show longevity in their roles and have excellent references!

Nanny/Housekeeper who can drive, do dishes and laundry and light cooking.  Needs to be friendly and upbeat yet discreet.  Nice with kids and dogs.   HOURS:   12-8pm and available to babysit and travel up to 3 weeks at a time and on holidays.


If interested, please send resume in WORD with salary request!