Executive/Personal Assistant for Entertainment Talent, Hancock Park/Valley

A wonderful and very busy entertainment talent who has their hands in many areas in and around entertainment,  seeks a self motivated, organized and energized Executive/Personal Assistant.  You will manage the day to day needs from a business and personal perspective for this very vibrant person.   Will be able to work autonomously and independently. Will have the attitude that no task is “to big or too small”. Will take true pleasure in being a right hand person, will always be professional, respectful, upbeat and discreet. This position is very varied and will require travel at times for tour dates (not months at a time).  Will also be able to work from a home office, offices where they are on set as well as the travel. General hours are Monday through Friday 8am- 6pm with flex as needed.  85K plus benefits after 90 days.  Career Assistant preferred.

Manage ever changing/quite busy calendar/schedule including meetings, professional needs and personal appointments and reservations.

Book travel.

Manage correspondence.

Liaison with business associates, family and friends.

Will assist with errands, dealing with stylists/hair/makeup etc.

Gift buying, ensuring working with house manager, etc

Ideal person will be master at multi tasking, being efficient, great with follow through, strong communicator and being aware of surroundings.



Afternoon Family Assistant/Driver – Encino

A lovely family with twins in 8th grade seeks someone who can assist two very busy parents who work with after school driving.  Both children attend school in the valley and most of their activities are nearby.  Then bringing home and ensuring they are fed, doing home work etc.  Pretty stress free role.  Seeing to hire someone 20 hours a week — Monday through Friday, 4pm – 8pm.  $20 take home an hour.

PA for You Tube client – BH

A successful, young media personality is seeking a smart, driven, super organized yet low key Personal Assistant to support their rapidly growing business and personal life. Will work directly with the talent to support their needs day to day ensuring that all areas of life are covered.   Will be the talent’s right hand and will ensure that there is order to their life.  We also are seeking someone that is mature, knows how to handle showing up to wrk eau day bright and alert, appreciates a “working” relationship and know show to maintain professionalism at all times.   .  While young, this media talent is super driven, is not a partier and relishes work. They seek someone who displays punctuality, professionalism, knows how to dress and be with the client at appearances.  MUST have previous experience as a personal assistant (preferably set experience).  Ideal person will also have an interest in fashion, beauty and pop culture.  Will be able to thrive in a fast paced environment, reorganized and efficient, and accustomed to meeting deadlines and needs in a very fast manner.  General hours are about Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm, with flex as needed on occasions.  65-70K based on experience plus stipend towards benefits.

Duties include but at not limited to:

Extensive travel coordination – booking flights/hotels/accomodations/car service,

Scheduling all reservations/meetings/appointments whether professional or personal,

Interfacing with business managers, friends, family, business associates,

Arrange and accompany talent to events,

Errands, grocery shopping, and other miscellaneous needs,

Experience with and assist with production, set life etc



Afternoon family Assistant – Laurel Canyon Area

Family Assistant/Driving “Nanny
”  Fryman Canyon area
   3pm – 8pm/9pm (roughly 25/30 hours a week with flex as needed)
$25 an hour.

A lovely family that is super busy and dynamic seeks a supremely organized and detailed family assistant /driving nanny.
    The ideal person will have good judgement and will have a good head on their shoulders. Much of the time will be assisting mom with household needs such as errands, grocery shopping from time to time, organizing, as well as assisting with taking kids, girls 15 and boy 11 to their after school activities. Will also ensure that after the activities and school, that their homework is being done, will organize needs for the next day, and will assist with meal prep and light cooking. Will also ensure that the kitchen is tidy after the meal.
 This is a super kind family and people work with them for years.  There is a car to drive.

Office Manager – Los Angeles (downtown and west hollywood)

Are you an office manager who thrives in a busy, exciting, creative environment? We are looking for a superstar front of house office manager to join a busy team to help bring order to the chaos! Welcome all  visitors, manage  meetings rooms, plan  team lunches, and provide the extra helping hands they need to continue to grow their business.

The ideal person is:

● Prepared to provide an outstanding level of customer service to all  visitors, performing a real front of house role – from the moment that someone walks through the door they feel the culture of the company and are welcomed into their “experience.”

● The lynchpin of the team, responsible for upkeep of the office, from keeping everything stocked from snacks to work needs,  to managing the cleaning team, to helping to plan an  upcoming move to a bigger office space

● Organize incoming and outgoing deliveries and devise systems for mail organization and phone messaging

● Ordering supplies as and when needed

● Plan office events for the team to bond, relax, and celebrate successes.


The client is a building a platform which enables their global network of advocates to sell products and services they love to their friends in exchange for unique experiences and rewards. They work in and around entertainment and have worked with some of the biggest events in the world.  They are  rapidly expanding their  festival and event portfolio across the U.S., UK, Europe, and Australia. As they continue to expand rapidly, they are also  developing and launching exciting new technology for events to connect directly with their biggest fans. The client empowers  you to own the value you create and impact on our future success. It is up to to you to work in the fashion that allows you to be as successful as you can be.   GREAT company with very nice and determined people.

Seeking to pay 50K- 80K plus benefits. Generals hours are Monday through Friday 830am – 630pm with flex as needed.

Executive/Development Assistant for Actor/Showrunner/Director- East LA

A fast moving, quick thinking hybrid- actor/director/show runner who is working on several projects at once (cable, character driven, social relevance in both TV and film) seeks a truly ORGANIZED, smart Executive Assistant who, with time, will grow to be a development executive for the newly created production company.  In this role we seek someone who is excellent at being anticipatory about needs whether it is schedule changes, draft changes, food needs, meetings needs, whatever.  The ideal person can move fluidly and quickly as the client is a very fast moving individual and needs folks who can keep up.  In this role you will manage all needs: schedules/calendars that are ever changing due to needs of representatives, production, publicity and so on. Will manage a personal assistant, will liaise with all “business” associates, will ensure that every facet of their life is organized at all times.  MUST be able to do comprehensive coverage of material that is being submitted at all times.  Will be able to travel for location and shoots ( not months at a time), will be able to work longer hours during production times (general hours are 9am – 7pm but can be 15 hour days during production).  We seek someone who REALLY wants to grow with a creative but earns that opportunity but being a great right hand person.  Someone who KNOWS how to be an assistant to someone exceptionally busy. And will always have an awareness of etiquette and the delicate nature of knowing the audience with whom you are working and how to conduct oneself at all times.  Amazing opportunity.

This will be based on the east side of Los Angeles ( you will assist in finding new office space) and will pay between 45K – 60K depending on experience plus some monies towards benefits.

Personal Assistant needed for Singer/Songwriter-Sherman Oaks -ON HOLD

Up to 80K+ DOE + stipend.

Very busy Singer/Songwriter looking for a top notch TRAVEL PA!  Must have experience working in Entertainment with talent and traveling with your boss!  This is a 24/7 on call type of job and every day is different.  This is not for the clock watcher as you will be assisting your boss on tour, for all events and shows around the world!  Exciting opportunity to work with a nice and demanding boss who has so much going on!  Hours vary daily depending on what’s going on.  This job is for a PA who makes their job their top priority!  Homes in Sherman Oaks and London and you will be expected to travel to both and ensure that they are staffed, stocked and running smoothly.  Duties will include everything from errands to planning vacations, to traveling on tour and making sure your boss has everything needed at all times.   Ideal candidate is very proactive, thinks 5 steps ahead of your boss, has a great attitude, polished,  can interact with music professionals and is completely flexible with your schedule.




Executive Personal Assistant – can travel frequently between Principal’s other homes in Austin, TX and LA

Seeking an experienced, professional Executive Personal Assistant to provide heavy personal support as well as administrative support in an unconventional environment. This position requires a lot of proactive planning and forward thinking in order to properly support the Principal who has an active social life and hectic travel schedule. Can be based in either LA, Austin or Miami– but must be very fluid!

The Executive PA will be communicating, adjusting, and interfacing with a wide range of contacts, vendors and organizations. The ideal person will be a very trusted partner and liaison for professional and personal contacts. Confidentiality and discretion are a must as this Assistant will be heavily involved in every personal element of the Principal’s life.

The role requires a zealous type who requires little guidance and relishes in always being two steps ahead and maximizing efficiencies in everyone’s life. This candidate will have impeccable communication skills, and the ability to prioritize and complete multiple tasks in a skillful and timely fashion. They are positive, mature, polished and very reliable. The Executive PA has a strong work ethic, is highly organized, a stickler for details, enjoys doing research and serves as the gatekeeper to the Principal who has a lot of inbound calls and communications constantly.

Ongoing responsibilities include but are not limited to:

– Acting as primary gatekeeper and liaison for Principal

– Managing a complex schedule, calendar, and conference line management

– Handling aspects of event planning and execution including guest hosting and travel organization for all guests

– Strong travel coordination

– Personal errands

– Personal property management, e.g. house, groceries, cars, etc.

– Handling any special requests or special projects

– Conducting extensive research (pricing, hot spots, hotels, etc.)

– Managing basic finances such as credit cards and expense reports

– Implementing different systems to maximize efficiency

– Pet care/ vet schedule

– Accessible 24/7 but Principal is very self-sufficient

– Make appointments

Occasional responsibilities include:

– Liaise with the house manager to ensure the homes are stocked, and completely set up for Principal (3 properties- Austin, Miami, Los Angeles)

– Last minute reservations, last minute appointments & meals

– Gifting or creating client profiles

– International Travel periodically 

Ideal Candidate:

– Proactive approach to work style, thick-skinned, VERY DETAIL ORIENTED

– Must think in terms of responsibilities and not tasks

– Ambitious with a willingness to take on new responsibilities over time

– Loves to maximize efficiencies and can be a creative problem solver. The answer should never be no, they should present creative solutions

– Constantly trying to better the Principal’s life and find ways to add value

– Flexible and willing to travel between the Principal’s residences around the US

– Self-motivated, as this is not a typical office job and they will need to create the role as they go

– Think about things and travel logistics


We are looking to pay very nicely for this position as the candidate will be expected to work independently and grow with the family. The key is to hire the right person, regardless of salary expectations but we are looking for somewhere between $125k-$175k DOE. Offer medical, dental, computer, iphone, MAC products.

-4 weeks PTO (vacation) + holidays (all major ones), open to negotiate more but will not be paid.

-All vacation must be approved.

This person should have the following traits:

  • Very Tech savvy
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Time and project management software experience
  • Appointment scheduling and meeting planning
  • Experience with complicated and luxury travel planning, someone with taste/trendy
  • Professional telephone presence
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to follow up and follow through without guidance
  • Ability to prioritize without direction all the time
  • Good grammar and proofreading skills
  • Flexible
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Self-motivated/self-starter
  • Anticipates problems
  • Accountable
  • Health & wellness oriented
  • Positive, “can do” attitude
  • Direct & dependable





Afternoon Nanny Needed during School year, 2pm-8pm- Brentwood

A lovely family with several kids seeks afternoon family helper.  Kids are ages 7, 12, 15 and 17.  Mom is very involved as is dad.  They are super busy family. Seeking a “school year” family assistant/nanny.  Hours for the most part would be 2pm – 8pm with a bit of flexibility if you are able to offer.  Ideally will start now if need extra hours in the summer as well,  but DEFINITE start by August 26th.  Will pay take home of $25 an hour. Basic driving and errands and assisting with some organizing.

Family Assistant/Nanny- Hancock Park Area

Full time Family Assistant/Nanny

Hours: School days 12:30-8:30 (with flex)

Hourly plus benefits $20 – $28 on the books + gas allowance

There is a full time housekeeper so the duties are mostly focus don the house needs and the kids.

Lovely working mom with two kids seeks a TRULY  organized and detailed, warm and engaged family assistant/nanny to care for a home and two kids in grade school. School and errands and so on are all close by to each other. General needs include: Home care such as errands, grocery shopping, organizing, dealing with things that may need to be fixed and any other special projects. Each afternoon when you get the kids: take to activities, ensure they have snacks, unpack lunches and backpacks, arrange play dates, dinner needs (not crazy hard but may be asked to follow a recipe), home-work help etc. Seeking someone easy to get along with and OK to perhaps stay over once a twice a year. And perhaps to travel as needed.  Seeking someone who is sharp, quick on their feet, enjoys assisting in making a home run well as well as enjoy being in a kitchen. Ideal person will be a true doer, knows how to work efficiently, will be engaged with the kids but also know how to manage a busy life.  WILL have a perfect background and driving record.  Discretion is KEY as well.