Afternoon Nanny Needed during School year, 2pm-8pm- Brentwood

A lovely family with several kids seeks afternoon family helper.  Kids are ages 7, 12, 15 and 17.  Mom is very involved as is dad.  They are super busy family. Seeking a “school year” family assistant/nanny.  Hours for the most part would be 2pm – 8pm with a bit of flexibility if you are able to offer.  Ideally will start now if need extra hours in the summer as well,  but DEFINITE start by August 26th.  Will pay take home of $25 an hour. Basic driving and errands and assisting with some organizing.

Family Assistant/Nanny- Hancock Park Area

Full time Family Assistant/Nanny

Hours: School days 12:30-8:30 (with flex)

Hourly plus benefits $20 – $28 on the books + gas allowance

There is a full time housekeeper so the duties are mostly focus don the house needs and the kids.

Lovely working mom with two kids seeks a TRULY  organized and detailed, warm and engaged family assistant/nanny to care for a home and two kids in grade school. School and errands and so on are all close by to each other. General needs include: Home care such as errands, grocery shopping, organizing, dealing with things that may need to be fixed and any other special projects. Each afternoon when you get the kids: take to activities, ensure they have snacks, unpack lunches and backpacks, arrange play dates, dinner needs (not crazy hard but may be asked to follow a recipe), home-work help etc. Seeking someone easy to get along with and OK to perhaps stay over once a twice a year. And perhaps to travel as needed.  Seeking someone who is sharp, quick on their feet, enjoys assisting in making a home run well as well as enjoy being in a kitchen. Ideal person will be a true doer, knows how to work efficiently, will be engaged with the kids but also know how to manage a busy life.  WILL have a perfect background and driving record.  Discretion is KEY as well.


Family/Office Assistant/House Manager- Bel Air

An amazing family with two busy working parents, seeks a new family assistant/office assistant/house manager to work with the existing House Manager, House staff and Office admins.  This role calls for someone who can be fluid in nature and can work  can work  in an office (not overly corp/fashion centric) and in a high end but “family” centric home.  Their current House Manager/Assistant is “moving up” in the business but will still very much be a part of the day to day in all areas.  They just need some help.  While the home is busy and there are 4 kids, there is only one living at home currently. The husband is a very high ranking executive in the entertainment/media business.  They are warm, lovely. caring people who take care of their employees when they prove themselves. We seek someone who is exceedingly detailed, is a true problem solver, knows how to think steps ahead.  Sees the bigger and smaller picture.  Knows when to step in where as is needed.  With the right fit and a good work ethic, there is room for growth as the business and family life grows.  Seeking to pay 60K-65K, no benefits at the moment but again, generous people who always make sure their employees get treated well. Monday through Friday for the most part with “fairly” normal working hours.

–       Manage schedule of CEO, family and household staff- for very active kids

–       Make reservations

–       Book ground transpiration

–       Manage Household supplies (cleaning, light bulbs, wrapping, candles, office)

–       Manage dogs needs (grooming, vets, meds, food, daycare)

–       Take cars to be serviced

–       Manage car wash

–       Run errands for office and house

–       Drive child or family members when needed

–       Schedule and meet venders

–       Help set up and manage parties

–       Manage orders

–       Wrap presents

–       Work with Weekend person on household needs (repairs, A/V, dogs, staff needs)

–       Report directly to VP of Product/Estate manager


Responsibilities to grow and change as needed by CEO and VP of Product/Estate manager


EA/PA for dynamic Exec in Film, Finance and Real Estate – WeHo


An executive specializing in film financing, real estate, and works with UHNW individuals seeks a dynamic assistant.

The role calls for someone who can successfully handle a very creative,visionary executive with all aspects of technical tasks, scheduling, email organization, email drafting/sending, handling calls and managing expectations.  Someone who is a true gatekeeper.  Must have tact, social graces, eloquent communication, good grammar, situational awareness. Seeking someone super proactive and enjoys being successful at all times.

Candidate must be Tech savvy with data entry and organizational management.

Here are the most important qualities
70% EA, 30% PA

Self Starter / Independent Thinker
Manages Up – Proactive Progress Updates and Communicates Regularly with visuals
Excellent at receiving information from a creative, and putting it into a left brained framework
Asks questions when doesn’t know the answer
Thinks Well Ahead In All Aspects of the role
Speaks Up, Assertive, Confident
Situational Awareness – gives space when needed, and asserts themselves when appropriate
Wants to be of Service and Supportive
No Ego, Receives Feedback Well
Does not want to RUN the company, wants to SUPPORT the exec

Incredibly Competent and Discreet
Proactive Nature
Meticulous with data/information
Needs little direction because they are smart and can think ahead, or will ask questions when little direction is given

Salary will be roughly 50-70K – plus monies toward benefits
Must have Car
Must have Computer


Monitoring and managing 3 rental properties.

Work with Exec to manage priorities on a daily, weekly, and Monthly basis
Coordinate, calendar, and manage calls/meetings using technology systems
Travel with CEO as necessary

Management of travel, creating itineraries, and doing any research needed for travel
Occasional Errands, Groceries
Organizing Dinners/events/parties
Making reservations/appointments
Coordinate complex domestic and international travel, creating and managing detailed itineraries and handling rescheduling/rebooking

Work hours are non traditional, but M-F 9-6/7 is expected and sometimes longer depending on schedule. Must be available to answer calls, texts and emails at night or on weekends. Must be available to handle issues if they pop up in emergencies.

Bev Hills, Weho,

Nanny Needed FT Sherman Oaks area

A really awesome family with identical twin boys,5,  who are super active, and smart, seeks a dynamic family assistant/nanny.  The parents are super hard working and dad travels so we need someone who is flexible and most of all is capable of keeping the kids running and the house humming. Mom is a writer/producer on the west side, and dad is also in TV.  They are super busy and just want to be sure that their needs are attended to so that they can focus on the kids on the weekends.  The day will start about 1/2pm or so.  Grocery shopping, errands, and organizing, as well as laundry for kids, and ensuring their sports/activities are set for travel each day after school.  Also, seeking someone who is OK and comfortable making light healthy dinners.  The kids will eat earlier, parents can have later.  The hours can be longer if the kids are off school so flex is key.  There is a housekeeper there two times a week but we do want someone who is OK doing laundry for kids as it arises during the week, will clean cooking and dinner dishes, and will ensure that the house is tidy and together when mom and dad walk in from their long day of work. The kids are also quite bright and ask many interesting questions.  The ideal person for the family is someone who is thoughtful in how they answer the kids, and will also communicate with the parents and just share what the boys are asking about and or talking about during there day.  It doesn’t have to be crazy reporting but just someone who can communicate with the parents since they are out working.  $25 take home an hour.

Office Manager for Management Firm – Beverly Hills

Office Manager- Beverly Hills

Monday to Friday, 35K-50K plus benefits

Medium sized management firm in Beverly Hills seeks a really organized, detailed, Office Manager. The ideal person will be mindful of ordering supplies both for the office such as paper, pens and so forth, as well as for the kitchen.  Making sure that it is well stocked with snacks, coffees, waters.  There should never be a moment where anything has runout.  This person will also ensure that the office in its entirety looks good at all times and will be mindful of things running smoothly.  Can work from the office and sometimes may be able to work out of your own home as long as everything thing is being cared for in a timely fashion.