Butler / Valet for Home in Malibu

Seeking a very attentive, buttoned up Valet/Butler for a very busy home in Malibu.  Will be able to work independently as well  as within a team.  Will be accustomed to answering to the owners of the home as well as the House Manager. Will have a true service heart, be detailed, organized, thoughtful, trustworthy and discreet.  Will take true pride in all of their work. Monday through Saturday mid day (or so) 85K plus $500 towards benefits.

Duties will include but are not limited to:

Attending to the personal needs of the heads of the household, anticipating principles needs by learning their preferences, allergies, dislikes, etc.  Accompanying on travel as needed, running errands and managing expense reports monthly.


Clothing Management  – Dry Cleaning & Wardrobe, maintain constant high standard of closet organization and keep fully stocked with items such as hangers, drawer organizers, shoe trees, etc. as needed. Care of Clothes, delicate & valuable fabrics, demonstrate to housekeepers.  Inventory wardrobe (project yx)  Project YX returns and receipts, keeping system updated. Purchases inventories coming in and out, maintain system. Cross referencing and managing purchases/memos/returns, photographing in and out.  Consignment and allocation records –  dry cleaning, tailoring, lending and gifts.  See to repairs of more significant damage. Acquire replacements as needed, can use PA.  Lay out clothing as requested, can use housekeepers .  Care for foot wear.  Pack and unpack luggage – oversee checklist and managing  Packing list (keep updated).   Dry Cleaning In/out inventory management , housekeepers to do .  Luggage management – to and from plane.  Responsible for having a toiletries travel bag stocked


Tablewares and Linen Management. Answer calls to the household phone.  Look after and greet guests (both house and visiting) , anticipate guests’ needs by learning their preferences, allergies, dislikes, etc.  Coordination/execution of social functions and parties – assist in the planning of events and dinner parties.  Liaise with Chef, Chief of Staff and House Manager.  Formal Table Setting & Service.  Acquire knowledge of Principles table setting preferences, refer to the Table scapes Look Book.  Consult with Chief of Staff and/or House Manager about vase and flower selections before hosting events or dinners. Assist and take part of Tablescapes Look Book .  Photograph table settings for Look Book, upload photos weekly.  Serve drinks and food.  Have a thorough understanding of all spirits and specialty foods in stockIn charge of the dining room.  Cleaning & Care of Crystal, Fine China, Silverware.  Maintain/polishing silver and brass, china, crystal, etc.  Log and maintain broken/damaged/missing record, report to House Manager to acquire replacement Inventories (keep updated and current)

  • Linens -bath, bedding, dining
  • Tablewares – serve ware, dinnerware, flatware and glassware
  • Alcohol and Wine, Beverages (Mixers, Soda, Water)
  • Personal items and accessories, grooming

Manage the wine cellar/alcohol/beverage. Purchase alcohol, wine, beverages (mixers, soda, water) Stock and inventory alcohol and all beverage. Assess and restock as necessary.  In charge of stocking all beverage refrigerators, can use housekeepers.  Liaising with suppliers.  Perform all duties with discretion, professionalism and a pleasant demeanor

Knowledge of Etiquette & Protocol

Know when to hire additional servers/bartenders & knowledge of their duties

  • Supervising all hired additional Staff
  • Training & Guiding hired event/party Staff

Writing of care manuals and inventories & house policy documents within department