Creative Director of Magazine- Malibu

The Creative Director role is a rewarding position that requires a candidate who can easily adapt and be flexible to different situations, and take change in stride. As the Creative Director, you will be the right hand of the Publisher and Editor to research, pitch and secure all editorial content, and help support maintenance for existing and potential advertising partnerships through editorial opportunities. You will produce all editorial shoots with strategic planning and efficiency. Producing events for the publication will also be a huge responsibility.
Job duties for this role include, but are not limited to the following:
-Book and produce bi-monthly niche magazine from helping with conception to production to print
-Pitch, present, plan, develop, negotiate, promote and research relevant editorial content
-Run small to large editorial shoots with strategic insight, planning and project management skills
-Spearhead creative and production for magazine
-Work very closely with Publisher, Editor, Associate Publisher and Art Director
-Manage editorial budget while maintaining extremely tight deadlines
-Overseeing relationships for most clients and partners
This role requires you to be comfortable communicating via email and on the phone while juggling many moving pieces. Having a knowledge and passion for photography, art, culture and fashion is important.
SALARY: $50K + $200/month stipend toward benefit