Exec./Personal/House Assistant for Writer/Producer in Music business- One year only, WEHO

IMMEDIATE HIRE! A lovely and warm writer/producer in the music sector, who will be moving out of CA within the year, seeks a personal/executive/house assistant.  MUST be SUPER organized and detailed, very adept at managing an ever changing calendar and being the first line of defense for someone who is always being bombarded by existing and new clients.  Will be responsible for ensuring that the calendar is always up to date, making sure that they are where they need to be as well as assisting with appointments, reservations, meeting locales, directions etc.  Will also assist with all personal needs- errands, stocking the house,  and house related vendors.  Will assist the Mrs, who is in school,  as well as be “family/kid” friendly should a need arise with the kids.  They will be moving before the school year next year but will rely on this person to manage things remotely and will also utilize as needed when they come back to town.  This client is writing but is also producing some shows, will need major assisting with a huge move, house renovations etc.  The role calls for someone who loves being an assistant and is not necessarily using this as leverage in the music business.  Kind and nice people who need someone SHARP managing their needs.  The role will work out of their home office/studio, or can work remotely as well.  MUST be available at night and weekends for emails.  40K – 65K no benefits at this time.