Executive Assistant for Multi Hyphenate Entertainment – Hollywood

Seeking a truly hard working, multi faceted EA who has lots of experience in entertainment, is detailed and organized but has a great sense of humor and a huge smile. MUST have worked for another high profile person or knows the demands of the ever changing schedule of someone who goes from being infant of the camera, to behind the camera in varying capacities all while juggling many areas of their business life.  Knows how to deal with glam teams, business people, family indwell resent always in the best light.  Monday through Friday 8:30am – 7pm.  65K plus OT and benefits.

Admin for Office
* Manage weekly team meeting / provide overall status on projects
* Manage a master calendar & master scheduler
* Manage status reports
* Production support on sets
* Inventory for office
* Errands as related for office with flex for personal things, mail boxes etc.

* Ensure to work with other assistants, home staff and ensure that has foods each day
* Professional thank you notes / correspondence
* Professional gifting
* Social Media support (Pictures, credits, etc.)
* Award show support
* Event checklist
* Security checks at all events. Includes walk through, assess need for security guard, etc.
* Glam logistics & set-up
* Coordinate and assist at fittings
* Event planning for the business
* Travel Accommodations as they apply to business related travel (in conjunction with PA)
* Driving coverage, as needed
* Accompany on business travels, as needed
* Glam Returns – In conjunction with PA
* Submit business expenses