A fast moving, quick thinking hybrid- actor/director/show runner who is working on several projects at once (cable, character driven, social relevance in both TV and film) seeks a truly ORGANIZED, smart Executive Assistant who, with time, will grow to be a development executive for the newly created production company.  In this role we seek someone who is excellent at being anticipatory about needs whether it is schedule changes, draft changes, food needs, meetings needs, whatever.  The ideal person can move fluidly and quickly as the client is a very fast moving individual and needs folks who can keep up.  In this role you will manage all needs: schedules/calendars that are ever changing due to needs of representatives, production, publicity and so on. Will manage a personal assistant, will liaise with all “business” associates, will ensure that every facet of their life is organized at all times.  MUST be able to do comprehensive coverage of material that is being submitted at all times.  Will be able to travel for location and shoots ( not months at a time), will be able to work longer hours during production times (general hours are 9am – 7pm but can be 15 hour days during production).  We seek someone who REALLY wants to grow with a creative but earns that opportunity but being a great right hand person.  Someone who KNOWS how to be an assistant to someone exceptionally busy. And will always have an awareness of etiquette and the delicate nature of knowing the audience with whom you are working and how to conduct oneself at all times.  Amazing opportunity.

This will be based on the east side of Los Angeles ( you will assist in finding new office space) and will pay between 45K – 60K depending on experience plus some monies towards benefits.