Executive/Personal Assistant Music based Co

Seeking a very engaged, dynamic, doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks for an entrepreneur in the music space.  With several offices, the person’s life is hectic and we seek someone who is able to keep pace, and furthermore, can keep ahead of the curve and be a problem solver at all times.  Ideal person will have some entertainment based experience, have worked with other high level executives and will TRULY understand the nature o feeing a right arm extension. Ideal person will also be engaged in pop culture and know that whole new world of You Tube, Social Media and be well versed. Schedules/travel is always changing so must be on point at all times. Will be able to attend meetings so must be excellent note taker,poised, engaged and professional.  Like everyone else, they need their PA needs also  attended to so will care for ensure  they are eating healthy, have their vitamins, and their special wants and needs.  Canpay somewhere between 80K- 100K.  Great and fast paced role.