A very high profile creative couple in the entertainment sector seeks a FASTIDIOUS , TYPE AAA Executive/Personal Assistant who is RAZOR, graceful and on point at all times. SHARP in every way. This role will work closely with another LA based assistant. This client is always on the road with movies/TV/businesses and works at the highest levels with the most notable talents out there. They also have homes London, Seattle, Bel Air, Florida etc. This person DOESN’T have to travel, but MUST be available at all times for the clients. This is a demanding role and requires that someone MUST be extremely communicative, informed and work in good form with manners and grace at all times. This role calls for someone who is also flexible so if you are a clock watcher, not for you. In this role you will manage an ever moving schedule/calendar, will assist with research, will assist with just being organized and getting things done at all times, interface with business associates, manage billing, work with amazing housekeepers in each home and MOST importantly will listen to their needs/rules as pertaining to their schedules and will have the foresight to plan meetings with time to get there, traffic, parking etc. WILL also be able to look at the calendar and see over the next days/weeks/months where trouble shooting should happen and will have a problem solving ability. The BIGGEST KEY component for success in this role is to have predictive insight, be timely, composed, graceful at all times. If you are able to be successful, they are people who take good care of their people with many of their staff being with them for years and years! Open for salary for the right person based on experience.