PART TIME (15 hours/week) EA needed – work from home!

Client who own movie distribution company and is an actor who travels is seeking a PART TIME EA who is excellent with Excel.  He has approx 20 contracts that have to be filled out and logged every month.  The contracts include film details, sale amounts, dates, etc.  You will work primarily from your own home.  It will be about 15 hours/week (or however long it takes to complete each contract/day).  As the relationship grows, more responsibilities may be added.
Must pay attention to details, as each contract sale is a lot of money and you have to be extremely trustworthy of course, to be viewing all this information.  EA will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
*The work is not hard, but you will have to follow a format and make sure all of the details are 100% accurate.
Main qualities are to be reliable and responsive. And pay attention to details!
$25-$30/hour on the books!