Personal Assistant for an Actress (and sometimes for a Filmmaker)(NO LONGER ACCEPTING RESUMES)

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6 Feb 2012

$750 a week plus perks (no insurance).

Seeking a smart, dependable, buttoned up personal assistant to work with an actress who is also a theater director at times as well.
Must be willing to wear any and all hats as well as be super flexible.
The hours can vary, some mornings start at 10am and go till 7 or 8 at night, other AM can start earlier or later.
Need to know schedules can change as well when when working on a movie set or when working on a theater project.
Occasional weekend work can come up as well.
Great perks though for someone who is able to gel well with client.
Will work from both the home and the office (all in SM), will work with travel agent, handle errands, work with house staff,
family members, office staff as well other family members.
Some previous personal assistant experience is needed.
If interested, please email both and

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