Personal Assistant to UHNW – LA/Newport Cove (remote too)

A lovely, but very busy and exceedingly Type A ( in the organizational department) UHNW Mrs, seeks a full time, long term Personal Assistant.  This will be a new role as she has always taken care of her own needs for herself and her family.  The husband has his own office assistant.

The client has several homes across the states and Mexico but this role will only be personal assistant based.  Will work with an estate manager in place already and will interface with house keepers and other staff.  All of the staff has been there for many years.  They are not always in the CA residence.  Will work remotely much of the time and when they are in CA, will go to the Newport based home once or twice a week.

The role calls for someone who is a true self starter, knows how to keep themselves on task and ultimately enjoys being of service to someone who is very very busy, and enjoys communications so they know what has been managed and what needs to be addressed. Salary will be roughly 80K-125K DOE.  Benefits of some sort may be considered down the road.  This is a NON Entertainment role.  IF interested, please send a resume in word.

Areas of duties will include but not limited to:

Management of travel, creating itineraries, and doing any research needed for travel
Managing all correspondence/emails
Maintaining Insurance for cars and homes,
Management of gifts log for birthdays and Christmas
Shopping, assistance with styling and perhaps packing sometimes
Organizing events/parties/engagements
Ensuring that all homes are stocked with foods, pantry items, toiletries, face products, clothing, linens, and so on
Uploading photos and create albums
Work with the estate manager as team for needs involving the home
Assist with decorating and or renovations/ projects
Manage family/individual calendars
Ensure manuals have been created for the home and work with EM for this part
Making reservations/appoinments
Work with chef for menus
Organizing closets, drawers etc
Sell old clothing on the real real or donate