3 Thanksgiving Helpers Needed- Santa Monica FILLED

We are looking for 3 people to help a family in Santa Monica with their Thanksgiving Dinner for approx 15-20 ppl.

1) One person needed to be in charge of heating and keeping all food warm and setting up the buffet.

2) Another person needed to serve drinks, refill drinks, make sure appetizer platters are fully stocked, filling up water pitchers, helping set up buffet and clearing empty plates etc.

3) The third person will be in charge of cleaning all dishes and putting them away and making sure the kitchen is clean.

You will make $20/hour for appox 6.5 hours worth of work.

Please let me know which role you are interested in and send me your resume.  Must have some experience with dinner parties/ cleaning etc.

If interested, please email Rachel@thegrapevinela.com with Thanksgiving help in the subject line.  Please be clear on which role you have interest in!


If interested, please