Head Housekeeper needed (Filled)

We have a new job in for a Head Housekeepers, who is going to have to managing the home without being overbearing, a true team player.

It is for a single male, very tough, very nice if you are working hard and doing your job but he is VERY detailed. He lives here and spends time in London.
Large home 5,000-10,000 sqft. You will be expected to manage 2-3 other Housekeepers and be able to delegate to them yet work as a team. Must be able to oversee and keep everything organized in the household.

They seek someone who is sharp, knows how to do the job but also is not too strong in personality and knows how to work with other people well. Ideally, we need someone sweet and kind, knows their place but can clean, manage etc.

70K/75K yearly salary PLUS benefits.
Hours approx- 9-6pm M-F.