House Manager for High Profile Client
Aspen, CO
Working Days: Thursday – Monday
Salary 80-85K plus Health Benefits and 401K
Looking for a charismatic, confident house manager that doesn’t take no for an answer to oversee and execute the running of the household, including recruitment of housekeeping staff, managing expenses, and acting as an advance party to ensure the home is impeccably set. The ideal candidate has five years’ experience running and managing a large scale household, is able to switch between projects and priorities seamlessly, and takes a great deal of pride ensuring that the needs of client and household are constantly met.
Responsibilities include but will not be limited to:

 Look after daily needs of family and pets; ensure house is in perfect working order at all times
 Daily walkthrough of house to ensure highest level of cleanliness (supervising polishing, vacuuming, etc); weekly check of light bulbs
 Prompt payment of invoices once approval to pay has been received
 Liaise and supervise on-site contractors/service engineers
 Order and maintain stock of all household items required for the house – food, stationary, beauty products, medicine, toiletries etc.
 Identify items requiring repair (i.e. leaks, stains, cracks) and notify appropriate party immediately
 Control valuable assets and ensure they are adequately insured i.e. art, jewelry, home contents
 Maintain inventories of ski equipment, mountain biking equipment, and wardrobe ensuring folding and laundry standards are maintained
 Oversee all swimming pool & hot tub needs
 Walk dog and take to vet appointments when needed; maintain food & supplies
 Coordinate gardeners and landscapers to ensure all gardens are maintained to the highest standard
 Drive family and guests when required
 Assist housekeepers with cleaning when necessary
 Organize all aspects of parties and dinner service

 Five years’ experience with background from fine hotel or restaurant and ability to travel without
 Knowledge of housekeeping standards along with household items and their care, including
 Working knowledge of the hot water and heating services, Apple products, iPhone, Cable, DVD
player, home audio systems, Crestron Systems and technical aspects of an ultra-high-end home
 Uncanny responsiveness with the ability and desire to closely follow set protocols, lists, and
 Proficient cookery and food preparation skills to assist with meal service
 Office and technology skills a must

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EA/PA for Publicist in Film and TV
Based in Calabasas and Burbank
General hours: 9-6pm or so, 40-50 hour work week, with occasional weekend work as related to business
Salary starts at 50K -55K with 90 day review (poet nail raise based on performance) plus benefits
A very busy publicist in the entertainment sector seeks a very abled EA/PA to assist in managing
a very busy schedule an hectic business life. One third of the work is from the home office, one third from office in Burbank and then some from the field. Seeking someone who is able to travel on occasion.
Must know both Mac and PC, is very tech able, and is a master of juggling many things at once.
Will drive so employer can chat or email with clients. Will be able to handle all business and personal related matters.  This is a true gatekeeper role and must be solid in your experience and a true problem solver.
Wil do full background check of criminal, driving and credit.

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Family Assistant/ Nanny- there are 2 Roles: each 7 days on and 7 days off

Beverly Hills
65-85K DOE and salary history plus medical
General Hours: School year: Start at 7am to 9:30am
Afternoon Hours 3:30- 9:30pm
Summer Hours: 1pm – 9pm
UHNW family with 4 kids: 3.5, 5, 7 and 15 seeks a SUPREMELY organized, energetic and detailed Nanny/Family Assistant. We are seeking someone who is a college graduate, who is really capable at Internet research, Outlook and Excel.
There is a home in BH as well as 2 other homes in CA
Must be OK to travel during summers and vacations to other homes as needed.
The ideal person will have worked as a nanny/family assistant, will have been instrumental in assisting a mom with organizing all needs from  grocery shopping, errands, organizing (closets, inventory for food, camp/school schedules, projects etc).
This role requires someone with lots of energy, who is dynamic and throughly on top of things.
We also seek someone who knows how to handle these managerial needs but also enjoys spending time with the 3 year old and can sit down and color or a do a puzzle.
MUST have longevity ( a few years in each role) a perfect driving record and a can do attitude.

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Full time Career Nanny/Family Assistant, Hancock Park

$20-$30 an hour based on the experience and salary history

11 year-old boy and twin 8-year old boys

General hours are 12-7pm, hourly rate, with flex as needed.

Must however be flexible when parents have evening events etc. or weekend needs (not all the time).

A lovely couple seeks an all American Nanny to assist with all children needs. We seek someone who knows how to guide the children in the discipline area.   Driving to and from school/activities (nanny car is provided), assisting with home work as needed, feeding/cooking, organizing, ensure clean etc., as well as errands for the home and light personal assistant needs.

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With child mobile phone monitoring, you can allow your kid go out with out stressing. Each mother or father has wished at some point in his or her life that they could maintain a much better eye on their teen when they had been absent. However, a typical error is to hem your son or daughter in by maintaining early curfews, disallowing events, and becoming overly strict. This not only encourages rise up, but is overall unfair.

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AAA Talent seeks a dynamic, polished and up beat Assistant(s)

NYC – East side

Hours: Must be available at most times. Role requires someone hard working and flexible

Salary- will depend on experience and salary history

A multi-hyphenate in NYC seeks 2 assistants:  Executive Assistant AND Personal/Creative Assistant

For both roles we are seeking exceptional individuals who arepolished, discreet and confident. MUST have previous experience working in a fast paced environment, will be comfortable interacting with A-list celebrities, designers and artist.

Passport ready and loves to travel with NO restrictions.

Ability to work independently and as a team, under pressure, and to meet tight deadlines.

No job is too big or too small.

Must be able to handle strong personalities, think proactively, anticipate needs and/or changes that may occur.

Ability to exercise discretion, sound judgment and significant initiative.

Research for special projects as needed.

Personal Assistant

Liase between Fashion Designers and Contemporary Artists

Maintain contacts and databases for home and creative entities.

House and Staff management of properties in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Hamptons and London.

Point of contact for the client for all staff employed in homes.

Distribution of the families scheduled movements between homes and general management and upkeep of properties.

Be able to lead, motivate and manage a diverse staff.

Coordination of staff schedule, vendor access into properties, and control valuable assets,

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AAA Talent seeks a dynamic, polished and upbeat Assistant(s)

NYC – East side

Hours: Must be available at most times.  Role requires someone hard working and flexible

Salary- will depend on experience and salary history


A multi-hyphenate in NYC seeks 2 assistants: Executive Assistant AND Personal/Creative Assistant

For both roles we are seeking exceptional individuals who are polished, discreet and confident.  MUST have previous experience working in a fast paced environment, will be comfortable interacting with A-list celebrities, designers and artist.

Passport ready and loves to travel with NO restrictions.

Ability to work independently and as a team, under pressure, and to meet tight deadlines.

No job is too big or too small.

Must be able to handle strong personalities, think proactively, anticipate needs and/or changes that may occur.

Ability to exercise discretion, sound judgment and significant initiative.

Research for special projects as needed.


Executive Assistant

Right hand to the client – you are the pilot at all times.

Coordinate and prioritize daily schedules for office and family.

Must be exceedingly detailed, very accomplished in mastering an ever changing and challenging schedule, appointments and reservations.

Plan and arrange worldwide travel logistics

Prepare Expense Reports, approvals and other related documents

Maintain contacts and databases for office entities.

Ability to anticipate needs and has a nurturing personality.



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40K-50K + HB after 90 days!


An extremely busy entrepreneur is looking for an extremely organized, punctual and type A assistant to help streamline his many businesses.  His main office is based in Downtown LA, but you will be mobile part of the time working on the go, attending meetings or working with your boss out from his Larchmont home.  Most of his business’ are in the fashion, music and tech worlds so it’s extremely important to have your finger on the pulse and be very social media savvy!

Below is a list of some of the business’ that he has his hands in that you will be involved with, so you must have an interest in the field.

  1. A discovery agency that works with widely respected brands/clients around strategy, content, experiential and social media
  2. Curated marketplace app currently avail. on iOS
  3. Online media platform launching July; showcasing / celebrating entrepreneurial creatives in art, music, fashion, food and culture
  4. Restaurant and hospitality group (LA and NY)
  5. Annual magazine/book (400 pages) around fashion, travel, architecture and photography

This busy entrepreneur is also a new Dad so he is looking for someone to keep him on time and have his schedule and calendar taking care of perfectly so he has time for balance in his life.  Ideal candidate has interest in business and is open to the opportunity of growing after proving yourself for at least a year!  This is a really exciting opportunity for someone ready to hustle.  This position is for someone who is polished, who can interface with different clients and be able to be a true professional at all times.   Must have experience with all Microsoft Office suite as well as SLACK which is how the employees communicate internally.  You may help with power point presentations, editing etc so someone really detailed is needed.


This is a 9-7pm type job but must be avail and checking emails etc after hours.

Occasional travel with your boss MAY be needed to key tent pole happenings like Art Basel, NYFW, Sundance and SXSW.


These are young and exciting companies and we are looking for someone who can fit in with the team and culture.

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Family EA/PA
Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm with flex as needed
65K – 75K plus Benefits

Seeking a polished, hard working and sophisticated PA to work with a family in Brentwood.
The ideal person will be someone with a few years of experience, maybe coming off a role as a nanny where there were PA needs as well.
This role will be to support Mr. and Mrs. and reporting to Mrs.
The clients seek someone who brings Four Season taste and service to the role.
From time to time you may be asked to assist with other family members.
Primary Duties will include:
Errands, correspondence with family office, thank you notes and RSVPS.
Purchasing gifts
Filing, organizing and dealing with documents.
Extensive schedule arrangements, appointments, reservations.
Manage onsite vendors as needed.
Assist with all areas of event planning.
Handle special projects as needed.
Must have a 4 year degree, with experience as an EA/PA preferably for HNW folks.
Must be MAC, iPhone and Blacberry proficient
The client is seeking someone who is well versed, imaginative and kind.
Must also have wonderful communication skills.

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Family Assistant

Tarzana, CA

$22-$25 an hour plus paid holidays and vacation, gas reimbursement as needed

Monday to Friday 11am to 7pm

A wonderful and warm family in the Tarzana area with 2 working parents, seek a very organized, smart, sophisticated and highly resourceful family assistant to manage day to day needs for their very busy family. A ten year old son goes to school nearby in Calabasas and a 15 year old daughter goes to school in Studio City. We seek someone to assist with tidying, organizing, errands and shopping. Will ensure that all needs are set for busy mom and dad, will pick up kids as needed, will assist with homework and will enjoy being in the kitchen. There is a house cleaner twice a week but still need to assist with cleaning the kitchen after meals, will engage with kids. We seek someone who can stay for a couple of years and is a true right hand person who loves their work.

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