GREAT Personal Assistant Role West Hollywood/Hollywood

Full time working mom and dad in the entertainment sector, seek a really dynamic, hard working, team oriented Personal Assistant.
West Hollywood for home base/ Hollywood for work base.
Will work out of both areas.
Paid hourly (not salaried) $25 an hour on the books
This is a true Personal Assistant role, not an Executive Assistant, nor is there growth. Will report to and work with the Executive Assistant.
Must be a true team player.
Very non-traditional hours. Often needed early morning and late at night with time off in between during the day.
Duties will include but are not limited to:
Errands, (grocery, pharmacy, cleaners, gift shopping and returns)
Dog walking, feeding, sitting
Must be flexible to work weekends as needed (not usually a full weekend always). If work a weekend, will have a day off during the week.