Don’t bring your baggage to work!


Hopefully this will sound like common sense to most of you but for all of you lower level assistants- listen up!

It is super important to always remain professional when you are at work, no matter how casual the environment may be.   Many jobs in the entertainment industry are either based out of a home or out of a really laid back office.  It is common that the boss/friend line gets blurred.   Beware!  We have seen many situations where the assistant starts to get a little too comfortable at work and starts treating their boss more like a friend than an employer who signs their checks.

Over the years, clients have told us stories about how their assistants get too comfortable and it never ends well.

Here are some tips to insure your professional relationship does not cross the line into Friendshipville/ Pink Slipville:

1) Never bring your own personal drama or baggage to work! Your boss is not your therapist.  The last thing you should be thinking about when you are “on the clock” is your personal life….and trust me, the last thing your boss wants to hear is how your date stood you up last night!  Save that story for your friends after work.

2) Always treat your boss with a level of respect/ professionalism, no matter how friendly they may act with you.  I have seen many clients in the past get really buddy buddy with their assistant only to wake up one day and realize that they do not need anymore friends.  In most cases the assistant gets fired.  If your boss is trying to be your best friend it’s OK to be the one to draw the line and focus on your job.

3) Never take personal calls at work. No matter how close you think you are to your boss or how often they are talking to their friends, it is not your place to sit and gab away with friends while you are getting paid.  This will piss your boss off and make you appear to be less focused on your job.

4) Don’t gossip with your boss about their friends or co-workers. You may think it’s fun or that you are “in” with your boss but it will only make you look bad and untrustworthy.

5) Don’t spend your day on Facebook/ Gossip websites–  I think this one speaks for itself!

Now make a mental note and get back to work!

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