Dress to impress!

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Many of you ask what is appropriate to wear on an interview?  We always tell our candidates to Dress to Impress! This is your one and only chance to make a good impression so make sure you look the part!

Here are some little tips of advice on what to wear and what NOT to wear!

No No’s: sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, flip-flops, opened toe shoes (nobody wants to see your feet), strong perfume, too much make up!!, too much tanning cream, chipped nails,  way too many accessories or any type of hat.

Always:  Dress professionally.   When in doubt dress up and if you are the only one, when you get the job you can bring out the more casual clothes.  No need for a full on suit unless you are heading to CAA or a very corporate company.   You can’t go wrong with nice IRONED pants with a button down or dress/skirt for the ladies and un scuffed closed toe shoes.  Please do not fold up your resume into origami.  You should carry a clean copy of your resume and reference list in a nice folder or computer bag.  Make sure you don’t look like you are dragging your luggage to the interview.  Don’t forget your smile.  Think clean, crisp and polished.  Now go make some eye contact and give that firm handshake!

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