3 Month Temp Personal Assistant Needed

Personal Assistant needed for 3 or 4 months (May June July August) needed for Commercial Director
(Will also hopefully be able to continue remotely 15 hours a week long term).
Can pay up to $35 an hour on the books – DOE and Salary History
Hollywood/Silver Lake area
A very busy and prolific commercial director, who works a lot in the fashion sector, will be moving from Los Angeles to Paris at the end of this summer.
Due to the nature of his business, as well as the move itself, and his own extremely hectic life, the client seeks someone who can assist with preparing for move as well as organizing things/life.
Client would ideally like someone who has assisted with a move from US to Europe, or has assisted with larger moves in general.
Duties can run the range from needing food in house currently to mail being collected until he returns at the end of May/ June, bill payment, assisting with managing storage, managing travel arrangements (he travels very frequently due to work), assisting with managing a media manager and ensuring needs are met.
Will assist and manage issues related to the move to Paris such as visas, where to live (comparing areas and prices), setting up banking, finding dr.’s, – ensuring that we are thinking of all needs that are necessary for a movie such as this.
We seek someone who is clearly self motivated, forward thinking, is EXCELLENT at research, REALLY thinks of everything. Can manage someone who has a thousands balls in the air and truly makes life easier.
IF Interested, please send a resume in WORD stating your experience as related to a move such as this and managing a very hectic life.
Also send salary history and if you are able to commit fully for the next few months and then for 15 hours a week or so after ( this can be while you have another job).
We seek to have the client SKYPE folks this coming week Tuesday or Wednesday.