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25 Nov 2017

Executive Assistant for Photographer’s Agency 70K plus Benefits

High-end photography agency specialized in fashion photography is seeking a high level Executive Assistant to work directly with owner/agent representing world renowned photographers in all aspects of representation. The position focuses primarily on the following ongoing objectives, but is not limited to these:

  • Liaising with high-end clients including Vogue, Vogue Paris, Interview, Calvin Klein, Dior, and numerous other fashion, beauty, and fragrance clients.
  • Leading and coordinating the pre-productions phases of the shoots with production companies, talent agencies, photography team, hair and make-up agencies, studios, retouchers, EQ companies,
  • Communicating and coordinating information on a daily basis with the photographer’s studio in Europe and US regarding schedule, hair, make-up and stylist options, travel arrangements, assistants, digital team, shoot locations, model/talent options and post production schedules for upcoming shoots.
  • Drawing up photographer’s budgets in PDF format
  • Partialy producing photo shoots, optioning hair, make-up, stylists, groomers, prop stylists and set designers as well as booking studios, and equipment, casting models, scheduling, hiring/negotiating rates with digital team, and photo assistants.
  • Obtaining estimates prior to shoots from production companies, set designers, digital services and other related vendors and controlling these.
  • Arranging all travel for photographer and team to and from locations, including flights, hotel, car service and specialized services and coordination these with photographer’s studio in Europe.
  • Invoicing
  • Coordination of post production with client, retoucher and photographer’s studio.
  • Collecting published material as well as art work from the retoucher’s for website updates, internal data base and upkeep of portfolios.
  • Managing assistants and hiring of interns and coordinating internship projects for the agency.
  • Adhering to all administrative as well as production deadlines during the course of business.

Proficient in Word Press, Photoshop, Excel, Word, Power Point, and Adobe Acrobat.

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