Exciting EA role with a fast growing co, Las Vegas

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11 Apr 2018

A young and very successful entrepreneur, who has had business since college, has had several profitable companies. One is currently merging with a very well funded company which positions this company to grow even faster than it has been.  The climate of this company is that they give you what you need to succeed and it is up to you to make that happen in anyway that works for you.

The client is seeking someone who understands working with an entrepreneur that may not be the most organized (can double book and not show to meetings etc). The client has always done it themselves but now life is getting that much more hectic and the company is growing faster so there is a need for a super organized EA. Someone who is fluid, someone who understand that when working in a start up atmosphere no job is too big or too small. Can  work out of the office and or can work out of your home if you feel that you are getting your work done and ensuring that the client is everywhere they need to be with needs attended to at all times: Managing ever changing schedules/calendars, booking lots of travel, personal and professional reservations and so on.   This role REALLY calls for someone  who is strong in their admin skills, and knows how to organize chaos.  The client is fun, outgoing and over time, with earned trust, will 100% bring you into the fold.  With proven work ethic and success, there is ample growth with the company as well. MUST be willing to trace about 50% of the time.  Trips are usually no longer than 2 days.  Great fun environment.









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