Family/Office Assistant/House Manager- Bel Air

An amazing family with two busy working parents, seeks a new family assistant/office assistant/house manager to work with the existing House Manager, House staff and Office admins.  This role calls for someone who can be fluid in nature and can work  can work  in an office (not overly corp/fashion centric) and in a high end but “family” centric home.  Their current House Manager/Assistant is “moving up” in the business but will still very much be a part of the day to day in all areas.  They just need some help.  While the home is busy and there are 4 kids, there is only one living at home currently. The husband is a very high ranking executive in the entertainment/media business.  They are warm, lovely. caring people who take care of their employees when they prove themselves. We seek someone who is exceedingly detailed, is a true problem solver, knows how to think steps ahead.  Sees the bigger and smaller picture.  Knows when to step in where as is needed.  With the right fit and a good work ethic, there is room for growth as the business and family life grows.  Seeking to pay 60K-65K, no benefits at the moment but again, generous people who always make sure their employees get treated well. Monday through Friday for the most part with “fairly” normal working hours.

–       Manage schedule of CEO, family and household staff- for very active kids

–       Make reservations

–       Book ground transpiration

–       Manage Household supplies (cleaning, light bulbs, wrapping, candles, office)

–       Manage dogs needs (grooming, vets, meds, food, daycare)

–       Take cars to be serviced

–       Manage car wash

–       Run errands for office and house

–       Drive child or family members when needed

–       Schedule and meet venders

–       Help set up and manage parties

–       Manage orders

–       Wrap presents

–       Work with Weekend person on household needs (repairs, A/V, dogs, staff needs)

–       Report directly to VP of Product/Estate manager


Responsibilities to grow and change as needed by CEO and VP of Product/Estate manager