FULL time Chef Needed

Full time Chef – Beverly Hills
Salary: DOE, up to $115k
Hours: TBD
A busy family in Beverly Hills seeks a Chef for the following needs:
Should prepare:
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Custom snacks as requested
– Baby food
– Shabbat dinner on Fridays
– Holidays (Thanksgiving, Jewish holidays, etc).
– Dinner parties
– Stocked food for the weekend
– Staff lunches
– Create weekly/monthly menus with meals that are varied; be able to design creative diet and juicing plans as needed
– Grocery Shopping:
– Farmer’s market once a week
– Buy organic produce, and other items whenever possible
– Clean up kitchen after meals
– Ensure the kitchen/pantry is always clean and meets standards of health and hygiene
– Maintain the refrigerator and make sure it is stocked with only fresh food
– Store and label all food properly with dates
– Help care for the vegetable garden at Bel Air residence (will be moving in around spring/summer of 2016)
– Purchase any kitchen appliances, dinnerware needed
– Oversee housekeepers when they are serving; ensure their level of training is maintained
– Work with Estate Manager to plan parties and create rental orders
– Travel to NY residence as needed