Full Time Housekeeper- Belair

Full-time housekeeper, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5pm. We need someone that can work some of the major holidays, $30 on the books, no benefits. There is another housekeeper as well and a houseman.

We are seeking someone who is calm and wonderful, likes working hard and has a warm disposition. NO  job hoppers.

Seeking a team player. Someone who gets on well/easily with others, and arrives at work ready to just focus on their work. NO being on the phone.  Must understand English and can text on their phone.

Someone who is excellent at cleaning/detailed cleaning, great attention to detail and will daily check the house for things that need attention, keep the house spotless. They must also be excellent with laundry and ironing, as that is a daily responsibility for all the items that are cleaned in-house. Some items get picked up by the dry cleaners on a weekly basis. To do major detailed cleaning and go through every room in the house and give it a really good deep clean

Receiving groceries delivered to the house and putting them away. They use instacart. Cleaning the refrigerator/freezer really well once a week and wiping down the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen (and also in Mrs closet). Throw out old and expired food. Clean the oven. Receiving packages delivered to the house, and taking a picture of the package and texting that to the group text. Keeping track of the professional dry cleaning, what was picked up and what has been delivered to ensure nothing goes missing.  Make the bed everyday. Sometimes the houseman does this if he arrives first, and Mr & Mrs are busy in the kitchen.