House Manager/Personal Assistant, West side 85K

House Manager/Personal Assistant, Brentwood
85K plus Benefits (not paid for OT — this is salaried)
50+ hours a week – 8:30am and generally work until 6pm unless client has his kids then HM/PA will need to help with dinner, and after school sports drop off’s and pick ups.
Seeking someone VERY service oriented, loyal, discreet and likes kids (who are lovely).
General Responsibilities:
· Complete XX and XX personal daily needs.
· Submit staff time sheets every Monday.
· Oversee all staff/house spending – credit cards and petty cash.
· Manage all receipts. Any purchases on XX cards should be reported and receipts notated and sent to XX
· Oversee all house maintenance invoices.
· Keep all house inventory lists accurate and up to date.
· Make sure all equipment in home(s) are functioning properly.
· Oversee staff and any schedule changes.
· Maintain communication for kids. Always coordinate with office.
· Pick up and drop off kids as needed.
· Keep constant communication with office for better functioning schedules and needs met.
· Arrange fresh flowers for the house weekly and orchids as needed.
· Keep house maintenance up to date.
· Arrange deliveries of movies and set them up in the theatre. Movie return.
· Place all orders for specialty house supplies as needed.
· All returns for online and in store purchases.
· Maintain an efficient and high functioning household.
· Manage storage units.
· Gift purchases as needed.
· Special projects as directed.
· Coordinate with family members for family functions.
· Arrange food deliveries with Nora weekly and any special food requests.
Daily Responsibilities:
· Walk through house to ensure everything is in order and for those final touches.
· Meet with XX and XX to discuss daily needs.
· Check with housekeepers for any items that need to be purchased.
· Run errands.
· Check mail.
· Discuss dinner/night plans with xx and xx.
· Communicate with staff about xx and xx schedules and daily/nightly plans.
***Job is not limited to the above list. Employee must be willing to help when needed in other areas, especially with the children.