Personal Assistant for Entertainment Executive BH

Personal Assistant/House Assistant Beverly Hills

Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm

65K-85K plus stipend towards benefits (with potential discretionary bonus)

A very busy executive in the entertainment sector seeks a phenomenal PA/HM/House Assistant to manage all things personal in their BH home.  MUST truly enjoy the role of being a personal assistant.   The executive is discerning and very detailed, is fast paced and seeks someone who thinks with a mind that is both small and big picture.  The role calls for someone who likes being of service, likes getting things done and is not using the opportunity as a stepping stone.  The ideal person will have had 5 plus years of experiences as a true full-time personal assistant/house assistant, will be exceedingly discreet at all times (they have A its talent around at times)

The duties will include:  managing a busy schedule both personally and professionally, will make appointments, reservations,  travel arrangements outside of work,  errands, house maintenance and vendors, cars, dog, gift buying, stocking the house.