Personal Assistant for High Profile Music talent – Brentwood

Personal Assistant to High Profile Music Talent
Brentwood, CA
Hours: Will work as a 3 day on and 3 day off Personal Assistant and will co share the job with another PA in the role already.
The general hours are about 10am -6pm BUT must be operand OK for late night calls as needed.
WILL switch off so that each PA takes on 2 weekends per month. Will work after hours at home. MUST be OK to travel and when on the road
can be more 24/7.
Salary: 75K plus benefits
Seeking a hard working, dynamic, exceedingly detailed Personal Assistant to work as a team with another Personal Assistant already in place.
There will be a 3 day on and 3 day off rotation. When in Los Angeles will work out of the home in Brentwood. When on the road/tours etc., but be
very good at working on the fly. The ideal person will be somewhat music centric and understand music as well as fashion.
Will have a lovely can do energy and proactive demeanor. Must be able to keep up with a very busy, high paced person. Will be smart, resourceful detailed, and just knows how
to put your head down and get the work done. Will also be a highly good problem solver, will be able to think ahead and will keep the employer on point at all times. In this role
you will assist in many areas of need such as errands (a lot), organizing, assisting the EA/PA and will work effectively in a team of oner staff members.