Personal Assistant/ House Manager, West LA

Seeking an organized and experienced (PLEASE only apply with 5 plus years of experience, preferably in one home), Personal Assistant/House Manager to oversee all needs for a family in West Los Angeles.  Will be able to maintain all personal needs such as home/personal schedule. schedule for children, needs for the home (errands such groceries, stocking, dry cleaning, gifts, etc), management of staff at the home such as a HSKP and garden folks.  Will ensure that the house is always stocked, all appliances and such are in working order, light bulbs etc. Will ensure that HSKP is meeting all requirements.  Will attend to any admin related tasks for the home, as well as ensure cars are cared for etc. Will liaise with all friends, family and associates. Will manage/book travel, assist with itineraries, assist with reservations as needed and ensure that all areas of life are full organized.

60K – 85K DOE and salary history plus benefits