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6 Apr 2017

Personal Assistant in Santa Barbara Needed
Hourly: $35/hour
Estimated 40hrs/week on average annually, although could fluctuate above or below 40hrs/week on a week-to-week basis. Flexibility is extremely important.
Overtime paid over 40hrs/week
Vacation and sick days
Medical benefits after 60days
Seeking a polished, highly organized, and professional Personal Assistant to support a VIP principal and family based in the SB area. The person best suited for this role is a natural leader with a positive, calm and confident attitude, who conducts business with the utmost professionalism. Seasoned team management and interpersonal skills are a must as well as thriving in a fast-paced and high-intensity environment. The ideal candidate will have excellent written and spoken communication skills, be highly resourceful, work well independently, and be open to a dynamic work schedule. Flexibility is of the utmost importance as the candidate must be willing to be on call 24/7.
Additional skills that the ideal candidate will possess include:
– Trustworthy, honorable, and discreet.
– Ability to handle a high-volume work load.
– Innate problem-solver and solution-finder.
– Ability to prioritize, organize and follow through.
– Has common sense and is proactive.
– Excellent computer and technology skills.
– Ability to work well independently and also integrate well within a team setting.
– Previous experience supporting high level principal (VIP or CEO/Executives) in a personal work environment is ideal, minimum 5+ years.
– Previous experience in the hospitality industry or service industry is also acceptable.
– Must possess a valid California driver’s license and excellent driving record.
– Clean background check.
– Must reside in or near the Santa Barbara area.
– Highly flexible schedule, adaptable to needs of principal and family including working weekends from time-to-time and holidays as required.
– Comfortable working in a rustic setting
– In good physical condition, capable of lifting 50+ lbs., and enjoys spending many hours
daily on your feet and physically moving about.
Personal Assistance (30%)
– Handle day-to-day errands including regular grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-ups, gift buying, meal coordination and food pick-up, coffee runs, dry cleaning, and other personal requests.
– Manage ingoing and outgoing mail and packages, execute shipping and returns as needed in a timely and organized manner.
– Personal device and media management including personal computer, smart phone, tablets, email, applications, iTunes library, etc. Troubleshoot and resolve technology issues and keep all devices operating optimally.
– Provide general administrative support to principal and team, including calendar management, making reservations, research projects, document rendering, handling important paperwork, etc. Requires interaction with both internal and external contacts.
– Prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously, and follow through on projects in a timely manner.
– Effective phone, text and email communication with principal and related outside contacts.
Household Management (20%)
– Manage the general maintenance and care of the home at the highest level. This includes tidying the home; managing the regular inflow/outflow of personal items; organization of personal effects, files, closets, drawers, etc.; wardrobe management; light housekeeping duties such as taking out the trash and recycling, cleaning dishes as needed, making beds, etc.; personally initiating repairs or organizing assistance for interior non-permanent elements of the home including lightbulbs, appliances, furniture, décor, aesthetic improvements, etc.
– Management of personal staff including nanny, housekeeper, and other household vendors.
– Regular grocery shopping (2-3 times per week) for fresh produce, fish, proteins, and pantry items, and also stocking household cleaning and office supplies.
– Care for family pets including daily feeding, grooming, coordination for boarding, vaccinations and medicines, stocking food and supplies, etc.
– Troubleshoot household problems with Audio/Visual systems, smart home system, etc., and work with property manager to resolve larger issues.
– Coordinate household vendors by requesting bids, executing contracts, organizing appointments, and managing projects.
Family Support (20%)
– Coordinate schedules of both parents and children to ensure that work obligations, school obligations, extra-curricular activities, and leisure activities are outlined and coordinated in a joint calendar system.
– Ensure all planning/preparation needs required for individual obligations are discussed and addressed in advance of all appointments and events (paperwork, appointment scheduling and confirmations, specific arrangements, directions, etc.)
– Manage school schedule and coordinate with parents’ work schedules to ensure the family is able to attend all school-related events and activities including volunteer work, meetings and parent-teacher conferences, field trips, holiday shows, etc.
– Assist with paperwork and additional coordination needs for all school-related activities as needed.
Event + Activity Planning (20%)
– Manage all aspects of client-hosted personal events including small gatherings with close friends, dinner parties, birthday parties, holiday entertaining, special occasions and the like.
– Serve as the in-house “party planner” for events ranging from 10-150+ guests, which includes hiring vendors (caterer, party rentals, A/V support, bartenders, beverage purchase, lifeguards, activity leaders, security, etc.), gathering bids and executing contracts, site planning, menu planning, decorating, day-of party setup and party management, after-party clean-up and breakdown, budget management, etc.
– Special attention to finding the best leisure activities for the entire family, both at home and during travel. Research and be “in the know” of new restaurants, kids parks, popular shows, great museum exhibits, seasonal attractions, and other unique and fun activities.
Travel Coordination (10%)
– Prepare packing lists in advance of trips to help organize items (clothing, personal items, and other items) needed for travel. Assist with packing and unpacking, and luggage management.
– Prepare trip dossier including weather and activity information for travel.
– Prepare travel packets including trip itinerary, travel information, local resource and
activity guides, medical and passport documents, etc.
– Oversee aspects of personal travel arrangements including commercial and private
flights, hotel bookings and arrangements, ground transportation, and leisure activities.

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