Travel Personal/Family Assistant

Traveling Family/Personal Assistant
Home base: The client is based both on the east and west coast but travels all the time so you will as well
Salary: 85K – 120K plus benefits
Hours: This is a role where when moving from one locale to another, the hours can be busier in the beginning when setting up the house, learning the lay of the land etc. There is no intention to burn someone out but we seek someone who is flexible and accommodating. Two nannies and a HSKP travels with the family. There is a PA who is business related for the client. This role is PRIMARILY dealing with the family. MUST be kid friendly.
Will act somewhat like a concierge in places: knowing the stores, restaurants, activities and so on.

Bicoastal A-List Client is looking for a high executive level personal/family assistant to assist the family. Candidate should be comfortable with a great amount of travel and work in a fast-paced environment, with excellent communication and organizational skills. Experience with managing all aspects of a family and home life is a priorty. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: booking travel, managing chefs, house staff, nannies, maintaining personal calendar for the family, as well as running personal errands. Candidates must also work closely with management and executive team members on any business-related items that touch personal.


— Manages, updates and keeps current family calendar and reviews daily
— Manages all aspects of the families personal life and will interface w business assistant when necessary
— Manage all aspects of household including housekeeper, food and beverage, identifying booking and overseeing all repairs and other vendors, managing dry cleaners, ensuring house is guest ready
— Run errands; research and source various options on miscellanies purchases
— Handles and sorts mail; accepts and manages deliveries, packages, returns, etc.
— Sets up and manages organization of all aspects of house
— Manage all aspects of Personal /Family travel, including booking, rescheduling, tracking all air, ground, lodging and dining reservations; quickly learns and incorporates hotel and air preferences
—Coordinate with personal chef for orders and delivery
— Manages medical appointments, prescription ordering and personal appointments for the family
— Sets up and manages operational systems to streamline all possible functions

— Highly organized and resourceful
— Solid verbal and written communication skills
— Efficient, natural problem solver, multi-tasker, high level of focus on details
— Without ego, does not feel certain tasks beneath them; does not push back or require explanations or justifications for tasks requested;
— Dependable, honest and discreet
— Proficient with technology
— Experience developing basic organizational and communication systems / processes to bring structure and operationalize functions;
— Experience managing housekeeping staff
— Maintain professional demeanor regardless of any informal nature or the environment
—Caretaker thought process; takes ownership and pride in ensuring that the exec and their family are well taken care in all aspects of their lives
—Welcomes direction and feedback
—Can work through any situation; utilizing all resources possible on their own prior to involving the principle
—Understands the growth and evolution of the family, both personally and professionally so that it allows the candidate to grow as well
—Strong ability to connect all the dots and focus on larger picture, as to make smarter decisions
—Forward thinker that is excellent with anticipating needs
—Touch of warmth and love with all interaction with the family, including in all forms of communications
—Extremely professional (presence, verbal)
—Candidate should approach assisting the exec with the same mentality of handling a high-profile talent/entertainer

—Above entry level experience in Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook
— Knowledge of or comfort in Macs and PCs
—Knowledge of or comfort in learning both Android and iOS systems
—Entry level knowledge in troubleshooting wifi, phone issues, etc.