Executive Assistant, President of Film Division for Prolific Production Company (FILLED)

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12 Mar 2012

42.5K+ amazing health benefits.

18 month-commitment.

Opportunity for growth for the right person that is extremely hard-working and shows extraordinary abilities.  If there is not room to grow in the company, this boss will help to assist in growth elsewhere, as long as you have proved yourself.  This is not a role where you can ask continuously when you will be promoted.  You need to prove yourself to have a work ethic that is long lasting.

Client seeks an exceptionally organized, detailed executive assistant who can manage an extremely fast paced desk: extensive phone sheet and calendar, production schedules, personal needs etc.  Must be film savvy, know the “players” in town as well as be well aware of LA restaurants etc.

Ideal person will have come off a desk at an agency or another busy producer.   Must be able to work long hours, do personal and professional work and give 110% at all times.

**PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOUR EXPERIENCE REALLY IS A MATCH and you have worked on a desk in features!


If interested, please email BOTH Lori@thegrapevinela.com and Rachel@thegrapevinela.com

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